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Tower Talk is a highly interactive radio show broadcast from Nassau Community College (Long Island NY) . The show profiles business leaders and industry experts as they share their stories and success secrets with the general listening audience. Hosted by Ray Schwetz & Donyshia Boston-Hill.

To submit an interview request see details below for consideration:

Rudy J. Breedy: 

Keeper of the Brand:

Audience Size and Demographics Show:

Business professionals between the aged of 30 and 65.

Show Categories:

* Business
* Current Affairs
* Health & Wellness
* Marketing
* Politics and Society
* Self-Improvement

This Month's Guests (July)

Latest Show

Tower Talk Business Radio Credits: 

Ray Schwetz, along with Donyshia Boston Hill, your cohost and producers.


The Creative Director of Tower Talk Business Radio is Rudy Breedy.


This is a NCC Foundation Business Leaders Council Production.

Visit for more information.


Available as a podcast on iTunes, Android podcasts and speaker.


Tower Talk business radio, powered by the Nassau Community College Foundation - on the Voice of Nassau Community College, 90.3 WHPC

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