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Luminary Speaker

Interested in booking Donyshia to speak at your next event?  Donyshia's years of marketing experience in addition to her brand consulting and expertise will bring valuable insight to your organization or event.


My Now for the Future Woman Book

Releasing August 2016: Pre-Order now


Your Living Herstory and Legacy


Future Woman is intended to encourage young women to understand that “becoming a woman” is more than a birthday milestone, but also includes being accountable for personal actions and to their families and communities. This book will offer guidance on developing traits such as courage, honesty, femininity, perseverance, confidence and fiscal responsibility. Topics may include education, career, relationships, spirituality, family or men.

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The Fearless Living Experience Book

Released:  June 2015

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Chapter 23:  Invest in your dreams. Embrace your brand.




"In this anthology, 27 fearless women share their triumph over life's most unexpected and challenging curveballs. The stories of resilience and internal strength are empowering, inspiring, and compelling. Each story serves a reminder that life is not what happens to you but what you make it, and that you have everything it takes to bounce back even when life knocks you down."

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