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Jamie Meintanas- Brand Integrations and Consumer Engagement at iHeartMedia

I couldn’t have asked or a better mentor to learn the ins and outs of marketing and promotions. The passion she exuded about the HOT 97 brand, and creating thorough marketing concepts and execution from small to large stadium promotions/events was none I had seen before. Her idea generation for client objectives and initiatives, attention to detail and execution is one of importance to any organization! There is nothing Donyshia can’t handle- she is a jack of all traits.


Gabriel Awan- Media, Business Development, and Entertainment

Donyshia was a primary resource in developing customized client-focused marketing solutions for clients. She was incredibly skilled at leveraging her wealth of relationships as well as her creativity to secure incremental ad spend.


Alexis Day- Marketing Professional

Her role as Sr. Director of Promotions and Digital Media for HOT 97 was crucial, being at the #1 Hip Hop Station in the country. Her attention to detail and creativity made my job 100 times easier.


Donyshia is a go-getter and gives 1000% to any situation, no matter how big or small, whether it is a movie screening or the biggest concert of the year (Summer Jam)…the end results are flawless. She is hands on from beginning to end and that makes her irreplaceable at any job she handles.


Joe Light- CEO at RSA Audio Services

She is the go to person for all the answers. She is the one person that seems to know it all when it comes to their events and promotions. I have worked with her for over 12 years on everything for a small event, up to the stadium events. It is always a pleasure to work with her. She comes highly recommended for any task presented to her.


Vance Carroll- Sales

While working at HOT 97 Donyshia was very instrumental in helping me be more creative with promotions for my clients. I found her to be consistently pleasant, tackling all assignments with dedication and a smile. Donyshia is a take-charge person who is able to handle many different tasks, present creative ideas and then implement them. Donyshia assumed a leadership role in sales meetings, inspiring and motivating other employees.


David Cohn- CEO, Founder of PhotoTap, Inc.

It is rare to come across someone today in Donyshia’s position that is so open minded and in search of new ideas, it was very refreshing. She was of course also very professional, appreciative and a pleasure to work with. Not all marketing people are as open and willing to give a chance to new technologies as Donyshia is. I look forward to working with her again, even though it doesn’t really seem like work.


Matt Kebart- Owner, Emkay Designs

For the past 15+ years, it’s been a pleasure working with you, Donyshia. From last minute small projects, to huge festivals and concerts, it’s great to work with someone with your vision, and be part of your vendor team. Your projects are unique, your team is professional, and your results define you. We appreciate your confidence and loyalty. – your friends at Emkay Designs


Keith Stewart- Generation Outdoor

I have the distinct pleasure of knowing and working with Donyshia over the past 8 years in her position with Emmis Communications. Over that time we have developed a strong working relationship and co-planned some very good OOH media campaigns for HOT 97. She is outstanding at what she does… professional, personable and extremely knowledgeable of her brand and most importantly of her audience. Quite frankly, she gets it!


Leslie Simone de Guadalajara- President, Adobe Graphics and Design Inc.

I have been working with Ms. Benjamin for well over 15 years, and have always been impressed with her professionalism, conscientiousness, and intelligence. She followed through on each order she placed with me, always trying to get the best possible product, at the most competitive price. Very few of my clients were as on top of their orders as Ms. Benjamin is.


Many of the clients in the Radio and TV industry that I have worked with for over 25 years cannot even hold a candle next to Ms. Benjamin when it comes to fulfilling the number of projects we worked on together, regardless of the degree of difficulty. Ms. Benjamin was a true delight to know, and I will always look fondly on the times we have worked together.


Susan Van Allen- CEO: Banners on a Roll

I have been working with Donyshia for over sixteen years as she has risen through the ranks of Emmis Communications in NYC. I have found Donyshia to be one of my most professional clients. Not only are her events and promotions creative, but also she recognizes what it takes to put on successful and memorable events.


Susan Rae- Ace Marketing Account Manager

I have worked with Donyshia Benjamin since the early 90’s and have watched her grow into a confident, professional, and extremely capable businesswoman. Over the years we have worked together on events (Summer Jam) and projects (Dept. of Health- encouraging people to get their flu shots) as well as general promotions to bring positive recognition to HOT 97. She was reliable and on top of everything we did together.


With the variety of experience and knowledge she has gained working at 98.7 KISS FM & HOT 97, she is totally prepared to build and run a successful marketing agency.


Steve DeLusant- Sales Manager at Clear Channel

Donyshia is the hardest working, most organized, and creative Marketing and Promotions Director you will ever meet. She has the ability to create targeted and effective client programs that cannot be beat. She leads her team by example with a lot of hard work put in by her. Donyshia is the definition of a professional.


Toya Beasley- Founder & CEO at SistaFriendz

Donyshia is a community conscious, business developing, marketing professional with experience in traditional, digital and social media marketing, brand development and management and facilitation of corporate partnerships. She understands how to create and cultivate a market where one did not previously exist and capture the attention of prospective consumers in ways that build audiences and drive sales.


Reggie Nance- Community Outreach Director and Sales Account Manager

Donyshia has worked in the radio business for many moons and manager the marketing and promotion for NYC’s Hip Hop radio giant, HOT 97, including the station’s “Super Bowl of Hip Hop,” annual Summer Jam concert at the new Met Life Stadium, over 50,000 people strong. Whenever I would walk into Donyshia’s office with a problem or challenge, I knew I would walk out with a great solution time and time again.


I found a kindred spirit in Donyshia in making a contribution to the greater good, as she was the force behind many of HOT 97’s community initiatives, including its Hip Hop Has Heart Foundation. Donyshia’s a true powerhouse of talent, heart, and relentlessness. I am grateful to know you.


Jill Strada- Director of Branding and Programming at WFLC-FM/ HITS 97.3

Donyshia is a very well-organized marketing professional who has the drive and talent to make the impossible happen. She has solid leadership and delegation skills and knows how to motivate her team. Her ability to plan, prepare, and execute a large event like HOT 97’s Summer Jam exhibits Donyshia’s creativity and business savvy. She is determined, ambitious and always ready to take on any challenge that comes her way.


Lenny Green- Mr. Radio, Radio Personality (The Quiet Storm on WBLS 107.5)

DB’s the ultimate People Connector! Presentation is everything and she has mastered this art.





DJ Chuck Chillout

Working with DB takes you straight to the Mountain Top.





Jeff Thacker- Digital Director, HOT 97, Emmis NY

What I liked most about working with Donyshia was the drive she has with developing new marketing strategies year over year to gain the success of the company through sold out events. Her energy and love for the brand is contagious.


You’re in for a treat! Donyshia’s dedication to the brand has made our product stand apart from the competition with the use of Digital Marketing. In one year she executed NYC Commuter NFC Billboards, 2 Station Apps and SEM for all of our major station promotions.  All of which were Super Aggressive campaigns that succeeded.


Bill Zafiros- Principal, Marquee Concerts: Governors Beach Club, Beekman Beer Garden

I have worked with Donyshia for over 15 years. Throughout all of those years she has consistently provided outstanding client service and professionalism and continues to be a key ingredient to the success of many of our events.


Carl Freed- President, Trevanna Entertainment

As the Executive Producer of HOT 97’s Summer Jam and a multitude of other events for Emmis Communications, I have had the good fortune of working with Donyshia Benjamin for 16+ years. Donyshia is a multi-talented and incredibly hard working executive and team leader. She is relentless in her pursuit of excellence, both in the events we produce and in the people she chooses to work for her.


Donyshia’s ability to navigate constantly changing technology and leverage it to build Hot 97’s digital profile is further testament to her highly tuned business acumen. I look forward to working with her as she builds her own amazing brand.


Rose Crichton- Partnerships and Acquisitions Manager at BRIC Arts/ Media/ Bklyn

Donyshia is a well-respected leader in her field. She is a dynamic and creative individual. From conducting small tasks to being one of the main producers for the country’s biggest Hip Hop event- Hot 97’s Summer Jam- she manages all situations with grace and style. It has been my pleasure to work with her for over ten years and see her rise through the ranks.

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